Eleesa Collins & Jen Hicks, Central Bark York Franchisees

Eleesa Collins and Jen Hicks both born and raised in York, PA met seven years ago working as wedding supervisors. During this time, they joked about owning their own business together because they worked so well as partners. Together, they decided to leave the world of accounting (Eleesa) and home healthcare (Jen) and made the decision to purchase a Central Bark franchise – the first of its kind in York.

Eleesa Collins

For Eleesa, purchasing the Central Bark franchise was the perfect choice as, she always had and loved dogs – including her first dog, Maggie, a Golden Retriever. Eleesa earned her BA in Business Management in 2010, which she parlayed into an operations manager position for a local catering company. Eleesa has been married for 14 years and has two daughters, Jackie, in the 8thgrade, and Emily, in 2ndgrade, as well as her four-legged daughter, Belle, a five-year-old yellow lab.  She also works part-time as a home caregiver and part-time fitness group exercise instructor.



Jen Hicks

Jen Hicks, a York Catholic High School alumnus, has since childhood been an avid animal lover. She studied psychology and special education at Philadelphia University and worked in many industries, including event planning, professional clown to an express service manager at a car dealership.  She also spent years working in the mental health field. Following this, she becomes the store manager of a local pet store, which started her on the road of searching for the right opportunity in the pet care services industry.

Jen and her 10-year-old son, Dominic, have two dogs, Nemo, an 11-year-old pug,  and Pappy, an 8-year-old Papillon. In making the decision to purchase a Central Bark franchise, Jen realized that York did not have anything even close to what Central Bark offers and recognized that her lifetime passion for dogs made her the ideal franchisee. Jen also recently got engaged!


Central Bark: More than 20 years of puppy love.

Our journey started in the mid-1990s, as we sought to provide a healthy and happy life for our furbabies while balancing the demands of family and work. So we created Central Bark, where our dogs could get exercise, have fun and socialize in a safe environment. Our dogs were happier and healthier, our families felt more peaceful and loving, and our communities had a hub for like-minded dog lovers.

More than 20 years later, some things have evolved, but our mission remains the same: To nurture and enrich whole health, happiness and unconditional love for each dog, family, and community we serve.

“We believe every dog and every family deserve the Central Bark experience.”

– Jackie Jordan and Chris Gaba
Principals and Co-founders of Barkley Ventures, Inc. and the Central Bark franchise system